In the last few years there emerged so many new concepts that many had not time to be acquainted with their purpose in great detail yet, but some people already using them in everyday activity.
This is especially true in case of "Transfer to airport" and “Transfer to train station", concepts, which have substituted more commonly-used terms – a meeting at the airport or at stations and similar meetings by means of rented car from corresponding company.
Meeting at the airport
Customers frequently apply our company for providing a transfer to airports of Moscow with use of luxury-class cars. The meeting of expected negotiation partners at the airport of Domodedovo, Vnukovo or Sheremetyevo with comfortable and safe Mercedes cars can positively influence an outcome. Cars with most exquisite interior and comfort will allow relaxing and having a good rest prior or after the flight, and also provide nice business environment.
Personal meeting. Our employees are ready to meet you at plane or helicopter boarding ramp if possible - usually at private airfields, or arrival hall for VIP delegations. If necessary the employee will have an index by which you`ll be able to recognize him without difficulty. Our employees take seriously transfers to airports of Moscow, observing punctuality and implementing requests of our clients.
Since time of our company`s foundation, we have attracted most high quality personnel, including drivers with considerable experience. This is what it takes to make sure that our passengers will be satisfied with a trip. It is necessary to mention that all cars of the company are maintained in perfect technical condition. We employ a multitude of service specialists to guarantee it!
Moscow is a major business center, and it attracts more and more businessmen for negotiations with every passing year. These people highly value their time and comfort, and the better you will greet them at airport, the more fruitful will be negotiations result. Thus money spent on vip a transfer to airport will pay off manyfold!

Meeting at train stations.
Each of us at least once in their life has visited a train station and is familiar with the commotion of these places. Railway stations of Moscow are especially populous. There is a lot of people seeing off, meeting, coming and leaving, some of them in hurry, waiting or trying to locate the necessary platform or transport. Using railway transportation millions visitors of capital transit through nine Moscow stations: Belarusskiy, Kazanskiy, Kievskiy, Kurskiy, Paveletsky, Leningradskiy, Savelovsky, Yaroslavskiy, Rizhskiy. Therefore company "VESNA" is interested to help you in the best way possible to meet the visitors, see them off, or to get in time at the necessary railway station of capital.

On ordering a transfer to airport or train station in our company, each client becomes a beneficiary of several advantages:

  • Convenience - round-the-clock accompanying of the client;
  • Comfort – guarantee that the order will be executed in full accordance to stipulated conditions;
  • Quality - well-timed execution of order with car provided precisely in due time and place;
  • Profitability - the price for ransfer to airport or a transfer to train station is affordable and cannot be raised after order registration.

LLC “VESNA” invites enterprises and establishments to use «transfer to airport» or «transfer to train station» - services on a long-term electronic payment basis, due to convenience and expediency of this method. Service of corporate clients is calculated on individual tariffs. Therefore you can calculate in advance cost of trips, and select the most suitable route.

You can order a business taxi in any way that is convenient for you, filling an order form or making a call to our supervisor.

Cost of 1 hour – 3000 roubles

Cost of 1 hour – 1400 roubles

Cost of 1 hour – 1400 roubles

Cost of 1 hour – 1000 roubles