About company


Creation of "VESNA" company was preceded by many busy years of activities - at first in a general-level taxi segment, and finally at a luxury-level. Our overall experience in the given market exceeds 13 years. During this time we had acquired an accurate understanding that car brand is not a qualitative parameter of driver`s professional level - be it low-end Zhiguli or respectable Bentley.

Other companies frequently renovate their vehicle park, while keeping service of clients at rather low level – it is a scourge of both private segment of a business taxi companies and many large enterprises.

By covering certain part of the market and meeting requirements of our customers on daily basis, we are now convinced that keystone to company success are people who truly enjoying their work. Presently most companies have enough resources for an acquisition of expensive cars, but it is not always the case when it comes to finding a skilled driver with a set of important professional qualities. In our company we put good faith in people and we build our personnel policy according to it. Professional skills, goodwill, attention to clientele and, of course, desire to complete the job in the best way possible - that’s what expediently distinguishes our personnel structure from our competitors. We consider that Driver is a Vocation! And we offer you to see for yourself this is true!

We have an individual approach to inquiries and necessities of each of our clients. We also humbly hope to become your friends and long-term partners. Addressing us to help, you can be assured that whatever you have scheduled, it will be done at 200 % efficiency!

"ХA good reputation is more important than a clean shirt. Unlike reputation, the shirt can be washed"
(Alfred Nobel)

  And our shirts are always spotless!

Why choose us


It is safe

All of our cars are in perfect condition, regularly passing official inspection and have no issues with the law.


It is comfortable

When we get down to the business, no detail escapes our attention. Renting Mercedes with driver at our company is akin to constructing a house - each trifle is important. One careless movement and all the hard work will be gone for nothing. We take our duties with full responsibility, and guarantee that you`ll remain happy with the result!


It is secure

We only employ people who have been thoroughly checked beforehand and got worthy recommendations. Rent of Mercedes car with the driver means that you will be serviced by an expert with no less than 10 years’ worth of experience.


It is expedient

Price range offered by our company is remarkably affordable and has certain flexibility. There are also many discounts! Please do not hesitate to make a call - we can always work out the details!

Our team