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For VIP clientele

Luxury-model cars are commonly used by the businessmen who highly appreciate their reputation, and wish to create a favorable opinion amongst colleagues and partners. This type of cars is perfect to demonstrate owner`s status and they also have got a unique style.


Offer to companies

Corporate clients comprise the majority of customers for Mercedes S - and E-classes. Throughout many years we cooperate on both regular and one-time basis with various companies, organisations and official bodies, providing them with luxury-class vehicles.



When making preparations for holding of solemn events, first of all it is necessary to take care of comfort of invited guests and heroes of the festivities. We will provide transport service for this occasion with great pleasure! Comfort and style of Mercedes S and E a class will prove an excellent choice for any event, you won`t be disappointed!


About us

Creation of "VESNA" company was preceded by many busy years of activities - at first in a general-level taxi segment...


Tariffs and payment methods

 оплата услуг аренды мерседеса

"VESNA" company accepts fees for its services in any way that is convenient for you – be it cash or a payment by card.